Psychiatry is a speciality of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Rely on medicine if you need pharmacological support

The therapeutic means used by psychiatrists is generally psychopharmacotherapy , i.e. the use of drugs in addition to psychotherapy.

  1. Psychotherapy: It lead to the use of words for the purpose of modifying a person's emotional experience, thinking or behaviour, applied by mental health professionals.
  2. Pharmacotherapy: It impleis the treatment of illnesses through the application of medication (active ingredients that regulate and improve the physiological effects of an ailment, such medication must be prescribed by a doctor).

The professionals at our centre work in a coordinated way from Psychiatry and Psychology, applying the necessary therapeutic means, to globally address the wellbeing and health of people.

Impersonal consultation of a woman with a psychologist, care for mental health.

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