Psychology is the SCIENCE that studies HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, its mental, emotional and social processes.
At PsicologiaESALUD we are based on an INTEGRATIVE therapeutic model, mainly based on the COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL model, as well as on other main models such as EMDR, HUMANISTIC, etc.



HEALTH is defined according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) as a state of PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SOCIAL well-being.

Health is not the absence of illness, but is part of a continuum that ranges from a higher to a lower degree of health.

The BEHAVIOURS that human beings put into practice for the development of a healthy lifestyle, go through mental processes of information management, emotional management and decision making, so the analysis and management of these processes, definitely influence our quality of life.

Psychology offers us techniques and strategies for EVALUATION and TREATMENT to achieve this global state of health, which we have defined as physical, psychological and social.


Adult Psychology

Psychology allows us to put a name to what happens to us, to analyse and change those processes that harm us and to properly manage our emotions in order to BE AS HAPPY AS POSSIBLE, on a personal, couple, family, social and work/school level.

At PsicologíaESALUD we specialise in Anxiety Disorders, Panic Crises and Trauma. We deal with, among other difficulties, the following disorders:

  • Anxiety Disorders, Panic Crises, Phobias, GAD, OCD.
  • Post-traumatic stress.
  • Depression, Bipolar Disorder
  • Personality D.
  • Body Image D.
  • Eating Disorders (ED).
  • Sleeping D.
  • Sexual D.
  • Addictions, among others

Couples Therapy

Couple relationships go through different stages depending on the vital moment in which we find ourselves and how each of the partners evolves. It is in this process where difficulties can arise.

The Couples psychotherapy allows us to evaluate and intervene in dysfunctional patterns and communication problems that affect the relationship, offering strategies that allow us to recover the bond and enjoy it.

The main conflicts we work with are:

  • Communication problems
  • Re-establishing the bond.
  • Trust
  • Sexual problems: lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, vaginismus, etc.
  • Separation/divorce
  • Emotional dependence
  • Routine, stagnation and personal situations that may affect both partners: work, family, bereavement...
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Child and adolescent psychology

It deals with the different behavioural, social or emotional problems of children and adolescents and advises/guides parents to offer them the necessary tools to manage conflictive situations. We carry out an assessment of these difficulties in order to offer an individualised intervention adapted to each child or adolescent and their families.

Some of the difficulties we deal with are:

  • Behavioural problems: tantrums, aggressiveness, lack of limits.
  • Eating Problems
  • Sleeping problems
  • Sphincter control problems
  • Fears: darkness, separation, monsters
  • Emotional problems: anxiety, depression, self-esteem
  • Lack of social skills

Child Neuropsychology and Neurodevelopment

Child neuropsychology focuses on working on the difficulties that the child presents in different areas due to a neurodevelopmental delay or disorder. After learning about the difficulties and strengths, we prepare work plans aimed at both the child and the family. We work in coordination with speech therapy and psychiatry.

Through child neuropsychology we work:

  • ADHD. Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity.
  • ASD. Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • High Abilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Disability
  • SLI
  • Memory
  • Planning and organisation
  • Emotional management
  • Impulsivity
  • Decision-making

Forensic Psychology

We carry out expert psychological evaluations and reports for all jurisdictional orders, both in person and online. Through the application of different strategies based on questionnaires, interviews and observation in different contexts, we determine the behaviour and psychological state of people who are involved in legal proceedings, with the aim of providing knowledge about human behaviour to help advise and resolve cases.

Types of Expert Psychological Reports:

  • Psychological report for guardianship and custody of children.
  • Visiting arrangements with grandparents/other relatives
  • Modification of measures
  • Manipulation of minors, parental alienation
  • Adoptions or fostering
  • Incapacitation
  • Assessment of after-effects
  • Bullying at school and mobbing at work (moobing)
  • Psychological counter-examinations

We have an interpreter service to carry out expert psychological evaluations in English and Russian.



Throughout the life cycle, we undergo changes and increase the level of responsibilities and demands we have to cover, with the feeling that "we don't get to everything", thus increasing the general level of STRESS.

We work by designing personalised sessions that stimulate the cognitive functions necessary to effectively manage your resources:

  • Planning
  • Organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Decision-making
  • Time management
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills
  • Personal Growth

"Follow your heart but take your brain with you".


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